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Excuse Me app

Excuse Me apps that help travelers traverse through language barriers while traveling. You can find each language phrases in different situations in other languages (English, French, Spanish,Italian,Chinese, and Japanese) with this app while you are traveling. Add to your download list before setting out abroad.


You don't always need to be connected to the internet to use the app.
You can use it offline most of the time.
You can also reduce telecommunications costs during travel abroad.
This app is very light (around 15Mb), you can download it at the airport or if you can' t use wi-fi there.
Translated phrases are available to zoom in, voice-over, text copy, and share to SNS.

Excuse Me web

The Excuse Me website can help you with approximately 200 travel-related phrases.
Available in English,French,Spanish,Italian,Chinese and Japanese.
On the website, you can view phrases for 200 travel situations in 6 languages, all in a single place.

By making everything accessible via a web browser, you can now take advantage of these phrases from an even greater variety of devices.

The site is completely free, with no registration required.
This website will be useful to deal with the language barrier during your vacation or business trip overseas.